Helping Our Communities Manage Diabetes

Edward-Elmhurst Health was noticing discrepancies within communities, so they worked to create patient dashboards to help decrease the discrepancy gap. Dashboards are a way of collecting all of the information we have about our patients and turning them into insights. We are excited health equity dashboard because it allows us to understand the diversity of … Continued

12 Social Determinants of Health

Most of us understand there are medical and lifestyle factors that influence our healthcare. But did you know social determinants also play a role? Social determinants of health are the non-medical factors that influence your ability to access healthcare services. The goal is to achieve health equity where all individuals have equal access to the … Continued

Helping More People Access Breast Cancer Screenings

Preventive screenings help catch breast cancer during its earliest and most treatable stages. But there are many underserved communities with people who are in need of screenings and care. NorthShore University HealthSystem is making it a priority to help its community access the care they need with the help of a partnership between our breast … Continued