Introducing the Health 360 with Dr. G Podcast

Being healthy is about more than not getting sick. It’s about taking charge of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

With the all-new Health 360 with Dr. G. podcast, we dive in and take a deeper look at issues that affect your health. Each podcast is hosted by Dr. Mark Gomez, an internal medicine physician with Edward-Elmhurst Health, and features topics including:

• What’s your heart telling you? The tests to find out

• Hidden health dangers of loneliness and isolation

• “Shh, is it normal?” Health issues women avoid talking about

• The secret to healthy living – body, mind and spirit

Through conversation with featured guests, Dr. G breaks down complex health subjects and makes them easy to understand. You’ll also get simple next steps to regain control of your health. Listen to the Health 360 with Dr. G. podcast and feel your best today and tomorrow.