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Kids & COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, going back to school will look a bit different this year. This month, learn how the virus affected both learning and social development. You’ll also get tips to help your kids prepare for the upcoming school year, including strategies to help ease anxiety about being back in the classroom.

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Helping Kids Cope With Anxiety About Returning to School

By Dr. Janice Kowalski

In addition to adjusting to new classes, teachers and friends, kids and teens will face a school year that looks quite a bit different from years past.

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Five Tips to Help Kids go Back to School

By Dr. Victoria Uribe

Many experts believe the benefits of being physically at school far outweigh the risks. That’s because kids learn better in the classroom.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Learning and Social Development

By Dr. Jacqueline Sierzega

It’s possible today’s circumstances could impact this generation for years to come.

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