Joint Replacement

Millions of Americans experience chronic joint pain. Fortunately there are ways to treat it. This month, find out how weight control, medication and physical therapy can help manage joint pain. You’ll also learn when it’s time to consider joint replacement surgery and why post-surgical rehabilitation is a must to regain strength, mobility and balance.

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Is it Time for a Joint Replacement?

By Dr. Brett Levine

If you find yourself unable to perform simple tasks after trying more conservative treatments, it may be time to consider a joint replacement.

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Six Ways to Reduce Joint Pain

By Dr. Andrew Kim

When your hip or knee joints hurt, even the simplest daily activities are difficult. Over time, this can lead to missed work, lower activity levels and social isolation. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce pain ...

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What to Expect After Joint Replacement Surgery

By Karen Granato, PT, MPT, OCS, ATC

A lot of people think the hardest part is getting through surgery. But the real work doesn’t begin until afterward. Here’s what to expect during your recovery and rehabilitation.

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