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SHOUT OUT to the overall winner of the #healthydriven @RunNaperville 5K, Bernard Henry, 48, of Aurora, and the female 5K winner, Isabella Orozco, 14, of Aurora!
#5K #RunNaperville #Naperville #run
Congratulations to Colin Mickow, 28, of #Naperville, overall winner of the #HealthyDriven @RunNaperville half marathon, and Erika Edmonson, 38, of Riverside, female half marathon winner! #RunNaperville #halfmarathon #run
The Naperville Half Marathon & 5K 5K winner! #healthydriven
And the #HealthyDriven Naperville Half Marathon & 5K 5K is ON! #5K
The #healthydriven Naperville Half Marathon & 5K half marathon is ON!
Easy ways to avoid getting sick this winter (hint: get a #flu shot) #HealthyDriven
3 strategies to help 3 strategies to help your anxious child 0 Repin Likes
One thing #BreastCancer taught Maria is to focus on what's important. Here's her story. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Staying positive plays an important role in recovery. Learn how Maria focused on the good to help her through the bad.
Great tips for self-care! Also, if you know a caregiver, there are ways to help ease their burden. Check out our #HealthyDriven blog >>
The time to register is NOW. See you Sunday, 5K runners!
#HealthyDriven #RunNapervile
6 ways to fight fati 6 ways to fight fatigue during cancer treatment 0 Repin Likes
Adolescents are among the fastest-growing caffeine consumers — but it comes with risks via @chicagotribune
Marathoner and “team Marathoner and “team” bring the right stuff to challenging pregnancy 0 Repin Likes
By detecting #BreastCancer sooner, you have more options when it comes to treatment. Learn more. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Detecting Breast Cancer During the Earliest Stages | Healthy Driven Chicago Detecting breast cancer sooner means there are more treatment options available. Learn more.
Detecting breast cancer during its earliest stages empowers women to be active participants in their care.
HPV vaccination not linked with rise in teen risky sex via @Reuters
Don't let #BreastCancer go unnoticed. Here's how to perform a self-exam and catch it early. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
A Guide to Breast Self-Exams | Healthy Driven Chicago One of the simplest ways to detect breast cancer is a self-exam. Learn how.
Finding a lump is the most recognizable breast cancer symptom. But there are additional signs to watch for to help detect cancer during its earliest stages.
Make fitness “me tim Make fitness “me time” during pregnancy 0 Repin Likes
For Maria, staying positive played a major role in her recovery. Here's her story. #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Maria’s Story: Beating Breast Cancer | Healthy Driven Chicago Even on her worst days, Maria focused on the good. Hear her story on recovering from breast cancer.
One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
Is it a drinking pro Is it a drinking problem? 0 Repin Likes
10 last-minute marat 10 last-minute marathon and half marathon tips 0 Repin Likes
Is an earlier dinner Is an earlier dinner healthier? 0 Repin Likes
Hero cardiologist br Hero cardiologist brings groundbreaking procedures to Chicagoland 0 Repin Likes
A Guide to Breast Self-Exams One of the simplest ways to detect breast cancer is to conduct a monthly breast self-exam. Here are three main methods.
Monthly self-exams can help you detect #BreastCancer in its early stages. Here are three main methods. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
When #BreastCancer is found in stage 0 or stage 1, the five-year survival rate is nearly 100 percent. Learn more about the importance of early detection. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Detecting Breast Cancer During Its Earliest Stages While Mammograms are the gold standard for breast cancer screenings, there are additional imaging tests available. Learn more.
A lump isn't the only sign of breast cancer. Learn more about additional symptoms to keep in mind.
Don't let #BreastCancer go undetected. Here are the signs and symptoms to look for when conducting a self-exam. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Maria would never have noticed something wrong if she didn't go for a swim. Learn more about her story on detecting and beating #BreastCancer. #BreastCancerAwareness #HDChi
Jumpstart helps prev Jumpstart helps prevent diabetes 0 Repin Likes
Aurora twins mark 2, Aurora twins mark 2,000th set of multiples born at Edward 0 Repin Likes
New tests and technology help detect #BreastCancer in its most treatable stages. Learn more. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #HDChi
Breast Cancer: The importance of early detection Dr. Christine Gresik with Edward-Elmhurst Health explains how finding breast cancer during its earliest stages improves treatment outcomes.
Detecting Breast Cancer During Its Earliest Stages Dr. Christine Gresik with Edward-Elmhurst Health shares how often women should get screened for breast cancer to detect the disease during its earliest, most treatable stages.
Do your due diligenc Do your due diligence when choosing a daycare 0 Repin Likes
Two lives changed th Two lives changed thanks to advanced technology 0 Repin Likes
The business of cari The business of caring for people 0 Repin Likes
Planning and practic Planning and practicing for race day 0 Repin Likes
Six Ways Exercise Benefits Your Health More people than ever are affected by obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If you don’t engage in regular exercise, your risk for these health conditions goes up dramatically.
Six Benefits of Exercising It’s easy to come up with excuses for skipping a workout, but the truth is no one can afford to be inactive.