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Wearable technology is trending more than ever...but are you using it to its fullest potential? Progress from tracking steps to tracking heart rate (HR) through this NEW functional circuit class to allow for the most effective way to reach your fitness goals!

All participants begin with a Fitness Profile to learn your HR Training Zones and create a Training Goal. Use your own tech or borrow ours during the class.

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Camp Breathe Easy

Camp Breathe Easy Summer Day Camp for Kids with Asthma. Join us this summer for lots of fun! We will help kids learn about their asthma while participating in many great camp activities such as sports, crafts, camp songs and more!

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Stillness and Flow with Rolf Gates, Saturday

In this asana-based session we will explore and practice how we create the experience of 'sanctuary,' the experience of the sacred in our everyday lives.

The session will include Vinyasa, meditation and lecture/discussion. The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga's therapeutic alignment principles.

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Lunch and Learn: Osteoporosis: How Dense are you?

When it comes to bone, it is good to be dense! Osteoporosis is a crippling and painful disease that afflicts 15-20 million people in the US alone. It can cause painful micro fractures in the spine and dramatically increase a person’s risk for fracture and the related complications. It is a disease that is both reversible and preventable.

Learn more about osteoporosis, its development, detection, prevention and treatment with Monica Martens, MD, family medicine physician with Edward Medical Group and on staff at Edward Hospital.

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Yoga for the Inflexible, Saturday

This is where to start if you have limited yoga experience or poor range of motion. Come learn terminology, breathing techniques, asanas (physical poses), and so much more in an expertly guided environment. This class will help improve your balance, strength, flexibility, posture; and it is a great place to start!

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Low Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Almost everyone has experienced low back pain at some time in their lives. It can be temporary, the result of mild muscle strain, but often it is chronic and a daily barrier to comfort and productivity.

Please join Drew Spencer, MD, neurological surgeon with Edward Neurosciences Institute and on staff at Edward Hospital, to learn about low back pain symptoms, causes, and diagnosis and treatment options that may help you or your loved one.

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Wellness House: Cooking up Wellness

Join Angela Dennison, Wellness House Oncology Dieitician, and learn to appreciate real, fresh foods and simple culinary principles for cancer prevention and survivorship. This class and cooking demonstration will feature recipes to help you deliciously incorporate cancer-fighting foods into a diet for optimal health.

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