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Maria’s Story: Beating Breast Cancer

By Dr. Amaryllis Gil

Chicagoland resident Maria Westphal was taking a swim on a sunny Tuesday afternoon when she first noticed something didn’t feel right between her breast and ...

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A Guide to Breast Self-Exams

By Dr. Mansoina Baweja

Finding a lump is the most recognizable breast cancer symptom. But there are additional signs to watch for to help detect cancer during its earliest ...

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Detecting Breast Cancer During the Earliest Stages

By Dr. Christine Gresik

Detecting breast cancer during its earliest stages empowers women to be active participants in their care.

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Taking Intimidation Out of Fitness

By Carol Teteak

By now, most of us know how important it is to exercise. But it can still be a challenge to get started. A large part ...

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Six Ways Exercise Benefits Your Health

By Dr. Mark Gomez

It’s easy to come up with excuses for skipping a workout, but the truth is no one can afford to be inactive.

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Five Tips to Start a Fitness Routine

By Dr. Jacqueline Ross

Starting a fitness program is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. There are many benefits: weight loss, preventing heart ...

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Take Control of Back Pain

By Dr. Tibor Boco

Back pain can affect everything from simple self-care, to your job, to how you interact with your family and friends. When your back is compromised, ...

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Eight Ways to Prevent Back Pain

By Dr. Henry Legaspi

Although back pain is common, it’s straightforward to address – at least in the early stages. Often simply changing your lifestyle is enough to see ...

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Back Pain: When Surgery’s the Best Option

By Dr. William Schueler

Sometimes conservative treatments aren’t enough to cure back issues. But you don’t have to live with pain. For some people, surgery may be an option. ...

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